Tiggit: an alternative to GMail for Blackberry.

With blackberry, few possibilies are available to check mails. Basicaly, either you pay for BIS to your mobile operator or you install Gmail. Since february, i migrated from Palm Treo 650 without Internet connexion to Blackberry 8520 with Internet. Aim was to check my mailboxes on my phone. I wanted to use a software without using Gmail client.Tiggit After few search on Internet, i found Tiggit, a full Java mail client. I used it to check 6 mailboxes on 3 different hosters. Positive points:

  • Possibility to configure several mailboxes with IMAP or POP3,
  • Possibility to store mail on Blackberry SD card,
  • Possibility to save attached documents (not use)
  • Link from contact to send mail,
  • LED lighting and pics on home screen when new mail arrived,
  • View HTML mail,
  • Reactive support,
  • Price affordable.

Negative points:

  • Not all HTML mails can't be viewable,
  • Image from mails not downloaded,
  • Autonomy is 1.5 days with 600s checking mailboxes,
  • Tiggit Configuration lost each time blackberry OS is upgraded.

Price: 19.95 USD Installed version: 1.1.19 Link: Tiggit

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