PhpNuke to Wordpress: the first How-to, migrate all your Phpnuke website

Sorry for french people, i decided to write in english. I've just finished 4 evenings spent to migrate one of my PhpNuke website to WordPress's one. The aim of this note is to describe what i've done, as clear as possible to migrate a PhpNuke Website 6.9 to Wordpress 2.3 blog version. Specifications: - WordPress tables are install on PhpNuke database - move all PhpNuke topics to a wordpress category with same ID - move all PhpNuke Comments to a wordpress comment with same ID - move all PhpNuke stories to a wordpress article with same ID


  1. Copy all WordPress files on your root http server: index.php will be erased by WordPress's one)
  2. Go to root website and edit file wp-config.php and put your database connexion's parameter.Now you are ready to install WordPress
  3. Launch http://put your website URL /wp-admin/install.php and fill what's asked. At the end, WordPress is installed but empty. We are ready to migrate site.
  4. Copy this file Migration php script on your http root and edit then put your database's parameters
  5. Launch http://put your website URL /migrate_phpnuke_wordpress.php and validate by clicking on button(all stories, topics, comments will be copied in wordpress tables) click on button
  6. Erase modules.php by this one: it is necesseray to redirect Google links PhpNuke formated to correct link on WordPress site
  7. Erase rss2.php by this one: Rss2.php file updated to redirect RSS feed readers, it is necessary for RSS subscribers who have bookmarked your PhpNuke RSS feed to not lose your new WordPress feed
  8. Cleaning: you can remove all nuke directories and files (except modules.php, rss2.php) and also PhpNuke tables.

Now, your Phpnuke is converted to WordPress.

Congratulations ! That's the end.

Go to your new website.

Thanks to Bryan Klingner ( who wrote a script i adapted for migratoin.

I hope this how-to will convince you to go to the best today bog platform!

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